Family photo shoot in Los Angeles

  Family photo shoot in Los Angeles.  I had a great time with my brother and his family in the city of Los Angeles. We used the city’s beautiful buildings as our back drop and the family as the subject. Los Angeles is a perfect location if you are looking for a creative environment to take some beautiful shots which will be come memories for generations to come. With a wide range of street art and architecture the city of… Read the rest

ARTIST BREW: Montebello Art Walk

Great time at the Artist brew! Montebello, Ca As an Art and Cinema major it was important for me to visit the Montebello Art Walk considering the fact that it’s my hometown and the first of its kind. I was unaware of its organization or preparation until the day its event. To say the least I was blown away once I had arrived. It was greater than I had envisioned. Live music filled the atmosphere. The live band covered songs… Read the rest

A Moment with Ms. Esperanza Ybarra

Frank Ybarra presents – “A Moment With” I know I mentioned this in my last post but I have to admit it is near impossible for me to work and update my site. I’m make it a priority now to constantly update this site with all my new work for this year. I literally deleted all my previous files on my server for this site. A fresh new start for some reason is very motivating and lately I have been… Read the rest