Montebello City Council Candidate Forum 2018

Montebello City Council Candidate Forum at The Quiet Cannon 10-18-2018

Hosted by Montebello Chamber of Commerce.
Location: Quiet Cannon Conference & Event Center

Below is each candidates responses combined into one individual video.
You will also find the forum discussion in its entirety.

Kimberly Ann Cobos

Angie Jimenez

Vivian Romero

Delia L. Lopez

David Torres

William M. “Bill” Molinari

Ashod Mooradian

Salvador Melendez

Art Barajas

Entire Forum Discussion

One thought on “Montebello City Council Candidate Forum 2018

  • October 23, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    I’d love to know what these candidates are thinking about the soon to be vacant Sears building or the Costco building. It’s bad enough Big Lots took over the Toys R Us building, we need an anchor store over there and no one seems to be thinking about that. The Toys R Us building could have been anything but when it comes to the Sears or Costco building, it needs to be something BIG.

    Costco may need to be torn down to make that site feasible for any future businesses, Sears can be turned into a Dicks Sporting Goods (with an indoor shooting range) or something else that draws people in. Going with Montebello’s track record, they will turn it into an indoor swap meet or something else that no ones going to patronize.


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