Montebello City Council Candidate Forum 2 At the Senior Center

Vivian Romero

Bill Molinari

Ashod Mooradian

Kimberly Ann Cobos Cawthorne

David Torres

Rosemarie Vasquez

Montebello City Council Candidate Forum 2 At the Senior Center (FULL EVENT)

Questions Asked:

1. What would you like to accomplish your first year?

2. What will you do as council member to send all contracts out for bid?

3. What would you do to stop with the out of control pensions for firefighters and police?

4. Does Montebello have a spending problem? How would you solve it?

How do you plan to address the budget deficit?

5. Would you vote in favor of campaign contribution limits for city council ?

6. How will you find funds to repave our streets?

7. Do you believe it is safe and proper for a city to allow residential units to be built on operated oil and gas fields?

8. How will you maintain a balance between environmental sustainability and economic development in the montebello hill project?

9. What plans do you have for southside montebello? Do you want to have marijuana in montebello?

10. How to institute rent control in montebello?

Closing statements

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