A Moment with Ms. Esperanza Ybarra

Frank Ybarra presents – “A Moment With”

I know I mentioned this in my last post but I have to admit it is near impossible for me to work and update my site. I’m make it a priority now to constantly update this site with all my new work for this year. I literally deleted all my previous files on my server for this site. A fresh new start for some reason is very motivating and lately I have been feeling that drive to want to create and share.


I have created a new series called “A Moment With”. The concept of the series is, honestly, a little cheesy. The interviewer, Frank Ybarra interviews a new person each episode with a funny twist every time. I know, the interviewer is me and it sounds pretty funny talking in the 3rd person. Really though, it’s actually me playing a character with the same name as myself. This “other” Frank Ybarra is more of a persona I have been developing from past projects I have worked on.


In this first episode I interview Esperanza Ybarra who is an amazing cook! The joke is that she is also my Grandmother but the cook part is 100% true and no joke. To be honest, I had so much fun with this project. There is nothing better than creating something for my portfolio while spending time with my Grandma.


The idea came to me after watching a few episodes of Vice Munchies Series and Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis. I’ll make these two show titles into links so anyone can check them out if interested.


For future posts I plan to add some behind the scenes content and some editing screen captures so I can show my work flow. This is for many reason and here are two of them. 1) So hopefully I can get some advice from any film makers out there who might know a better way to get things done and 2) also to help out anyone who may also be interested in filmmaking, editing or design in general.


Above is the first episode of “A Moment With” check it out and thanks to anyone and everyone out there who is interested in my work and my progress.


Thank you!

-Frank Ybarra


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