ARTIST BREW: Montebello Art Walk

Great time at the Artist brew! Montebello, Ca

As an Art and Cinema major it was important for me to visit the Montebello Art Walk considering the fact that it’s my hometown and the first of its kind. I was unaware of its organization or preparation until the day its event. To say the least I was blown away once I had arrived. It was greater than I had envisioned. Live music filled the atmosphere. The live band covered songs including “hotel california” among other covers and originals. Great music complimented the beautiful works of art.

Many amazing artist were apart and participated in the second ever “ARTIST BREW” which was right in front of the “Daily Brew”  located on the intersection of Montebello Blvd and Cleveland in the city of Montebello, California. The Art walk reached an entire block of pure art. With more art than can actually be imagined with a variety of all kinds. I was lucky enough to talk to all the artists about their work and their passions including their production methods, and let me tell you these creative geniuses were nothing less than amazing in their approach.

The art works included paintings of well known characters and never before seen creative ones, unique hats, shirts, candles, postcards, digital and non digital prints, framed portraits, jewelry, hand crafted wooden sculptures, still frames of all kinds, pins, stunning key chains, unique and organic hair products, creative figurines and a whole lot more! In addition to the artists I had the amazing opportunity to visit some of my favorite entertainment wrestlers apart of Santino Brothers Wrestling Team.

If you are local or willing to visit I would highly recommend you to visit the Montebello Art Walk located on the corner of Montebello Blvd. and Cleveland in the city of Montebello, California.

Come by next month to be apart of this great event.
Visit art for more information.
Also check out my YouTube Channel for more Montebello Art Walk Media.

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