Frank Ybarra: Digital Design Artist

Frank Ybarra image“Nothing exists that may be more expressive than art, it is by its very essence.” Frank Ybarra is a long time self motivated digital design artist by profession and education. Frank has been involved in general art since high school including; graphic design, web design, photography, video editing and general film production.

Frank continues to expand his artistic endeavors and works as an independent digital graphic artist serving the Los Angeles, more specifically, Montebello and surrounding areas. Frank started his digital art education during his high school years at Montebello High School. He took classes in animation, graphic design and 3D modeling while learning web design as a hobby. He excelled in his classes while his professors left a lasting impression that gave him the drive to continue digital arts as his focus while pursuing higher education.

Rio Hondo Community College is where Franks graphic design and 3D design skills would truly improve. His instructors would ultimately set him on a path towards film production and digital art. During his start at Rio Hondo College, Frank would begin his first professional graphic design, web design and photography projects. Rio Hondo College is where Frank would ultimately earn an Associates Degree in Commercial Art and where he would also earn the college units required to allow him to transfer to Cal State University – Long Beach.

Franks years at Cal State University-Long Beach would consist of mind expanding, thought provoking classes that would involve theory intensive studies which would allow him to experiment and create a wide range of philosophical interests for film and digital art in general. Frank Ybarra would then earn a bachelor’s degree in Film and Electronic Arts.


Frank Ybarra

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